The Bremerton Ferry

The Bremerton Ferry is an automobile and passenger service that is operated and owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation. This service is known for being the third largest automobile and passenger ferry fleet in the world. It is also the largest fleet in the United States.

The route is called the Seattle-Bremerton (SR304). This route comes across the Puget Sound between this city and Seattle. This ferry has being on service since 1951.

This service was known as the “Navy Yard Route”. Back in the days, before the ferry was officially servicing the city, this route was served by steamboats and steamships. The name of the steamboat which had served the city was called the “Inland Flyer”. The Inland Flyer had run through this route from 1898 to 1916.

The Settle-Bremerton route departs from the Washington State Terminal located on the Seattle central water front. Since May of 2011 the names of the assign Bremerton ferries are: Hyak and Kaleetan. The Bremerton ferry is a satisfactory method of transportation for all residents and visitors of the city.