City of Bremerton Washington is an online site that informs its visitors about facts and details of the city of Bremerton, Wa. Bremerton is located in the U.S state of Washington. This city is the largest one found on the Kitsap county and is located on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Bremerton Wa recently estimation of its population is at 39,000. The city is connected to Downtown Seattle. To get Seattle any individual needs to take the ferry route, which takes approximately 55 minutes to arrive. The ferry carries passengers and vehicles.

The city of Bremerton is very known for being the home to the Navy Naval Base Kitsap and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. This city is bound on the northwest to the Port Orchard, the east and southeast to the Sinclair Inlet. The northeast part of the city is called East Bremerton. The time zone is Pacific Standard Time.

The city of Bremerton is formed by different races such as: White, African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, etc. This city is home to the Kitsap Pumas soccer team, which plays on the USL Premier Development League known as PDL. It is also home of the Kitsap Bluejackets baseball, which is part of the West Coast League.

The Bremerton, Washington notable individual are the following:

1-Bill gates Sr, 2- Jill Banner, 3- Buddy Allin, 4- Matt Tucker, 5- Quincy Jones, 6- Gary Miranda, 7- Kevin Sargent, 8- Francis Cogswell, 9- Nathan Adrian, 10- Dan Attoe, 11- George Bayer, etc.

Bremerton, Washington is divided by three legislative districts in the county of Kitsap. It is divided the following way: To the north by the 23rd legislative district, in the center by the 35th legislative district and to the south by the 26th legislative district. This city is very known because since 1985 it has been governed by a city council of nine members and a nonpartisan mayor.

Bremerton Wa provides its citizens and visitors a variety of attractions and recreations for an enjoyable experienced. Here, at you will find all information about Bremerton Wa.

Health of Bremerton

The city of Bremerton, Washington is focused on the health of their citizens. Bremerton offers a variety of medical services such as: Hospitals, home care services, mental health services, and pharmacies whith products like Tylenol, , multivitamins and much more.